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Background Screening Issues and Exemptions

Get help with Florida's healthcare employment screenings. Learn about exemption applications, eligibility, and disqualifying offenses.

Exemption from Disqualification Services for Florida Health Care Providers

Our Exemption from Disqualification services assist Florida healthcare providers in navigating Level II background screenings. We guide you through the eligibility criteria and application process to help secure your employment.


Expert Legal Support for Navigating Disqualification Challenges

Dealing with a disqualifying offense on your background screening can have severe repercussions. At Felder Health Law, we understand the impact on your career and livelihood. Our legal team assists healthcare providers in navigating these challenges, offering expert guidance through the exemption application process. We ensure all necessary documentation is meticulously prepared and submitted, and we represent you in appeals if your exemption is denied.

A disqualification can lead to prolonged unemployment and hinder your ability to work in your chosen field. We help mitigate these risks by advocating on your behalf, aiming to secure your eligibility to work in healthcare settings despite past offenses. Our commitment is to support you every step of the way with the legal expertise needed to overcome these obstacles.

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