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Impairment Allegations

Impairment Allegations? Navigate PRN and IPN Challenges with Expert Legal Assistance

Support and Recovery through PRN and IPN Programs

The Professionals Resource Network (PRN) and the Impairment Program for Nurses (IPN) are crucial intervention programs for healthcare professionals in Florida, offering support and monitoring for those dealing with substance use, mental health issues, or physical conditions that could impair their ability to provide safe and effective care.  These confidential programs aim to facilitate recovery and ensure the professional’s safe return to practice, thereby safeguarding patient safety and upholding the standards of the healthcare profession. 

Understanding the Process and Potential Career Impacts

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The Critical Need for Experienced Legal Representation

Given the stakes involved, it is imperative for healthcare professionals to seek experienced legal representation immediately upon being contacted by the PRN or IPN, especially prior to discussing any allegations of impairment with anyone there.  An attorney with expertise in PRN / IPN matters can provide critical advice on how to navigate the conversation with them, ensuring that the professional’s rights are protected and that their responses do not inadvertently compromise their position.

Legal Advocacy and Negotiation:

Legal counsel can guide healthcare professionals through the PRN’s complex processes, advocating on their behalf and negotiating terms that favor recovery and the continuation of their practice, while protecting and preserving the practitioner’s license. 

The Role of PRN and IPN as Consultants

These programs are also the contracted impairment consultants for the Florida Board of Medicine, Nursing, and the other health care boards.  That means that cases involving allegations of impairment may be referred to PRN or IPN for resolution in lieu of disciplinary action.  PRN or IPN will contact the physician/healthcare provider to discuss the allegations and request the practitioner undergo an evaluation (at his/her expense).  Depending on the outcome of that evaluation, a practitioner may be required to undergo inpatient or outpatient rehabilitation, and to enter into a multi-year monitoring contract.

Consequences of Non-Compliance

Failure to comply with PRN or IPN’s requirements carries serious consequences. Non-compliance or failure to meet the program's stipulations can lead to a referral to the Florida Board of Medicine, which may initiate disciplinary actions against the healthcare professional's license. This could include sanctions ranging from fines and mandatory treatment programs to suspension or revocation of the license, significantly impacting the professional's career and ability to practice.

Don't Face PRN Allegations Alone: Secure Expert Legal Support

If you've been contacted by PRN about impairment allegations, don't face it alone. Contact Felder Health Law for comprehensive legal support designed to protect your professional interests and secure a favorable resolution.

The Importance of Immediate Response in Disciplinary Proceedings

It is crucial for physicians to respond promptly anytime a letter of investigation is received, as this is a critical moment in the disciplinary process. Engaging experienced legal counsel at this early stage can significantly enhance the chances of getting the matter dismissed by providing strategic advice, preparing comprehensive responses, and effectively communicating with the board. 


In cases that are not dismissed, this proactive approach maximizes the opportunity to resolve the issue favorably before it progresses to more severe disciplinary actions, safeguarding the physician’s career and minimizing potential impacts. We encourage you to contact us if you are involved in a disciplinary case with the Board of Medicine to discuss how we can help you protect your license.

Thank You for Reaching Out!

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