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2024 Laws: New Avenues for Licensure for Foreign-Trained Physicians

Earlier this year, Senate Bill 7016 was passed and signed into law.  That law aims at making it somewhat easier for foreign-trained physicians to get licensed to practice in Florida.  In general, to obtain a medical license in Florida a physician must have passed the USMLE and completed two years of residency training in an ACGME-approved training program.  If a physician went to medical school outside the US, they also need to be ECFMG certified.

How does the New Law Affect Foreign-Trained Physicians?

Under the new law, a foreign medical school graduate can be licensed if they have an active, unencumbered license in a foreign country, have actively practiced medicine during the entire four year period preceding submission of the licensure application; have completed a residency or substantially similar post-graduate training that it substantially similar to an ACGME-accredited residency program; has an active ECFMG certificate, and has an offer for full-time employment as a physician in Florida.

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If the applicant meets these requirements and the license is approved, it will be conditioned upon remaining employed as a physician in Florida for the following two years.

The law also made some changes to allow physicians practicing under a medical faculty certificate (MFC) to switch to an unrestricted medical license.  An MFC holder can apply for a full license after practicing full-time in an approved teaching facility under the MFC for at least three consecutive years.  In addition, the limit on the number of MFCs each facility can have has been removed.


What if I Don't Meet All the Requirements?

The current law still allows the Board to approve a license for a foreign-trained physician who does not meet all the requirements, but is otherwise found to be qualified to practice medicine.  

We have successfully represented many physicians applying under this exception, and expect the Board to still consider applicants for licensure who do not fall under the new exceptions, but we expect that the process will be easier for any foreign-trained physicians who meet these new requirements.


Need Help Applying for a Florida Medical License?

If you are considering  applying for a license in Florida, and are unsure whether you meet the requirements, or are asked to appear before the Credentials Committee because you lack one or more of the requirements and would like assistance with your application, please contact me to discuss representation.

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